Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas presents

I'm getting an elliptical machine for Christmas!! Haha, Alex and I decided to talk about our presents ahead of time, and we found one for a good price on Amazon! Now instead of snacking in from of the tv, I can exercise! I more than a little excited.

I also ordered a few little surprises for Alex, so I won't say what else I got. Man, online shopping is super fun.

I'm only working three days this week=less money=more time to do other things. Honestly, I think the benefits will outweigh the costs.

Other thoughts that keep swimming in my head.

Alex and I were talking about the cosmetology school. He asked "How long will it take?" It will take about ten months. Then he said "You would go before you got a new car?" I replied, "Yes, then I could work to get the car." Then he said, "So you would finish school, and then maybe by that time you would want a baby or something." And I realized that was our plan. That's what we had talked about-waiting a couple of years before having kids, and this May will mark one year, and then a year from then will be a couple years. And I really wanted to have a better car before driving little ones around. And we had both decided that I wouldn't work outside the home once we had kids. That's what we believe is the best option for everyone. This doesn't mean that I'm not going, it just means that I'm really thinking about what is the best, God-honoring decision for our family. The money that would go to school could go towards that Nissan Versa I really like, but will take some time to save up for. How important is all of this to me? How much of it is really under my control is the better question. Who knows if we'll be able to have kids right away, or if I will even get to keep my position after the Holiday season at Hobby Lobby. They have verbally said they will try to keep me, but nothing has been finalized.

So for now I will wait, and pray, and do my best at all that I can do. I'm looking forward to work this week.

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