Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 58: Day of Weddings

Unfortunately, no pictures from today. Alex and I attended two weddings today: one at church and one at camp. Both were wonderfully God-honoring, and I was so happy that we attended them.

Blood sugar update: Alex and I slept in super late so I didn't eat breakfast until 11am. Blood sugar was below levels so far today (3 measurements so far, one left)! Yesterday my second two were super high-both around 150 (supposed to be below 120)! Today I was much more careful, and you know what? I feel better. Tonight for dinner I made breakfast food: bacon, eggs, and chocolate chip pancakes. In an effort to cancel out the sugar from dinner, I had a small pancake with some syrup, and then had two pieces of bacon and three scrambled eggs. I'll find out in an hour and a half if it actually worked.

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