Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 78 and 77: Church fun and week 29 photo

Yesterday was super busy and really good! Church in the morning-I taught Sunday School this week, and my lesson was too short! Live and learn :P

Then people came over for the afternoon and we played "Just Dance" until we were all tired. It was fun. If you are friends with me on facebook, you can see a video of me dancing....preggo belly and all, haha. Then we all headed to church for the youth service. My wonderful husband led worship (with youth in the choir and helping with sound and PowerPoint) and then preached the sermon. It's really neat to see God working through Alex and the lives of all of us.

Today marks week 29! only 11 weeks left! That really doesn't seem too far away!

I woke up with leg cramps again really early this morning. I can't complain too much-they hurt, but don't last very long once I get up and walk around. I've started eating bananas over the past couple of days (thanks for the suggestion from someone reading my earlier post), but I think part of it is a hydration issue. Gotta keep up with drinking water! And exercising-the nights when my legs are exhausted they don't seem to cramp at all. I have started feeling more tired recently...but gotta keep up some exercise to help me sleep so that I'm not so tired! What a cycle. I'll tell myself what I told my friend earlier: some of these symptoms just mean you're that much closer to having the baby! That is definitely something exciting to think about!

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