Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day 65: Muffins and Bread Bowls

So last night Alex and I had to make an emergency run to Dollar General to get Tums. I was all proud that I hadn't had to use antacids, but last night I finally caved.

This morning I woke up and decided to make the healthy muffins. I wanted to use up the leftover carrot pulp from juicing, and so I used them in this recipe. I substituted coconut milk for the regular milk, Greek yogurt for the oil, and flax seed meal + water for the egg. When they were done, I cut one in half and smothered it in peanut butter:

I actually had two of them, but I ate one before I remembered to take a picture. Super yummy and healthy! I had been feeling kinda bad after having hash browns and a chicken biscuit for breakfasts, but felt fine after eating these this morning.

Alex and I are having some good friends over for dinner. As the plans were sort of last minute, I pulled some chili out of the freezer for us to eat and dumped it in the crock put to cook all day. I also decided to dress it up by making bread bowls. I used this recipe, and followed it exactly:

It was kinda scary leaving the dough in the oven for 40 minutes, since I usually don't bake bread for that long! It makes sense, since the bowl would need to have a tough crust to keep the soup in! I'm very pleased with my first attempt, and can't wait to try it with chili in it. The bowls don't hold much at one time, so I put out real bowls in case people want more. I'm not sure how refills in a bread bowl would work. Guess we'll find out tonight!

Anyone made bread bowls before? I'm interested to see how these compare to the sourdough ones from Panera.

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