Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 69: Doctor's appointment (long update)

Recently my appointments haven't been too exciting. This one wasn't bad, but wasn't all good news:

Blood Pressure good-I think it was like 96/60. Weight exactly the same as the last visit. Baby heartbeat at 130. Urine sample is good-I'm well hydrated and no proteins. No swelling or any other concerns.

Doctor was somewhat concerned that I haven't gained any weight, asked about my appetite, exercise, change in diet, etc, and couldn't come up with a good reason why my weight is the same. She said that increased activity could cancel out the increased appetite, so maybe that's what it is. I don't think I'm exercising a lot, but maybe it's enough to cancel out the extra food. I'm measuring right on track, so baby is fine. Doctor said if I still haven't gained any weight by my next appointment, then they might to an ultrasound just to make sure everything is OK.

I asked her about when and why I'll be check for dilation. She said that it will be around 36-37 weeks, so I still have a while. Around 35-37 weeks is when I'll be tested for the Group B strep. She said that they check dilation to have a baseline for when I go into the hospital with contractions, to have something to compare. I asked if I could not know when they checked-I'm afraid that if I know, I'll become impatient. Doctor says that's fine, but if there is a medical concern one of the nurses might not check my chart and may tell me. I said that's fine-it makes sense to me to be checked if there is a medical concern. The doctor also says that some people feel contractions without being dilated at all, and some people are dilated to a 6 and hardly feel anything. I'm praying for the latter. 

I also mentioned that I've had leg cramps, and have heard that could be from a calcium deficiency. Doctor says it could be calcium, magnesium, or dehydration. She said Tums or a calcium supplement OTC is fine, and also magnesium OTC is fine.

My blood glucose test came back abnormal, so I have to take the three hour test. BUMMER. Doctor says I'm showing no other signs of gestational diabetes, so she isn't worried about me having it. The test was just barely abnormal too! I took the test on a Tuesday, and the weekend before that is when I had my giant waffle and then Dunkin Donuts coffee and donuts all within 24 hours. I'm blaming it on that and never eating those foods again.If it messes with my blood sugar enough that a couple of days later my blood test is slightly abnormal, then I probably shouldn't be eating/drinking those foods.

Thankfully, my glucose test and Alex's wellness screening for work are the same morning, so neither one of us will have breakfast that day. That was definitely a God-thing, because I didn't ask for it to be on the same day.

I'm to call or come to the hospital with any signs of pre-term labor.

After talking with the doctor, I scheduled the glucose test and the rest of the appointments up to my due date. Looking at the calendar is fun, and I only have 6 more appointment-not counting the glucose test!

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