Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 75: Getting Calcium

Today I thought I'd head over to Kroger to see if they had anything that might help with the whole leg-cramping Calcium deficiency thing. I know sometimes they have some forms of alternative health products, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to check. Plus, it is right across the street from where I live.

They had a ton of Calcium supplement type things, all of which said to check with the doctor if pregnant. When I called the office, the recording said the office was closed. I called during office hours, so maybe it was their lunch break or something....

I went from the Pharmacy area to the natural food area. I've seen on the carton of coconut milk that it has 50% more calcium than milk, so I check to see how much it actually has. The nutritional information says that coconut milk has 45% of the daily recommended value. I already drink coconut milk in my coffee in the morning, so I went ahead and bought another carton (on sale!) and decided I'll just drink more instead of trying a supplement. This is the kind I got-I actually have the original in my fridge right now, but I've also had the vanilla and it is good.


I actually went to the Silk website and was going to get a coupon, but it's that coupon printer that I can never get to work on my computer and always end uninstalling it. Bummer. 

I'm drinking a glass right now, and it is better in coffee than it is plain. It isn't bad, I've just enjoyed the coffee-coconut milk combination, so the milk by itself is going to take some getting used to.

A praise-we prayed that my legs wouldn't cramp up last night, and they didn't! They still felt/feel a little stiff, but I slept WAY better last night. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF PRAYER!

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