Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 68: Food and a why I use chocolate soy milk

I made fried chicken today. I'm always glad when this is done so I can clean everything up. It's messy, but it's nice to have a lot made. We've been eating chicken biscuits in the morning, and having already cooked chicken makes breakfast so much easier each morning.

I had a warm drink of coconut milk, instant decaf coffee, and a little bit of chocolate soy milk last night before going to sleep. It was such a good comfort drink. I also found a recipe for a pumpkin spice mocha that sounds really yummy too. I'm excited about the cooler weather and the warm drinks! I'm also excited about wearing my new maternity jeans, since it isn't super-hot outside. 

Note on soy: I know soy is naturally high in estrogen, and so too much is a bad idea. However, I'm only adding a little to drinks like coffee and smoothies, and it doesn't hurt my stomach like regular milk does. Also, it's one of the cheaper (even the organic kind I got) milk alternatives. And it's chocolate. So unless I read/hear something that says that even a little soy milk is bad, I'm going to use it sparingly.

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