Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 24: Freezing something

Thanks SO MUCH to those of you who've offered suggestions for freezing and simple meals! They have all been super helpful! I use my crock pot often but don't always think to freeze the extras. I also love the idea of just having frozen meats on hand to thaw and toss in spaghetti or some other dish. The suggestion I put into practice yesterday was freezing muffins:

I got the recipe from here. I used flax seed+water instead of eggs. Not because I don't like eggs, but because I'd rather eat the eggs with the muffin and get some extra fiber in the muffin. I also added some nuts and chocolate chips, and omitted the sugar. They aren't sweet, but make a great breakfast/snack food. When I eat them, I either have them with eggs or spread peanut butter on them. I doubled the recipe, and ended up with more muffins than I originally planned-yay! I kept one dozen out to eat now, and froze another dozen and the mini-muffins. I've already eaten three of them today.

Thanks for some inspiration! Feel free to send more ideas anytime-they are always welcome and appreciated!

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