Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 41: No Judgment

I need to check myself before I get on my high horse on any issue. The issue of gestational diabetes is one such issue. Whenever I heard of people getting it, I thought "Well, it must just be their diet/exercise/lifestyle/something that I will most definitely avoid." Sometimes I think God brings things into my life just do bring me down a few notches. He shows me that sometimes things happen to our bodies, and it may or may not be a lifestyle issue. There were things in my diet that I've had to change, but I thought I was fine. I was even a little proud that I'd gained a minimal amount of weight. I kept thinking, "Well, I"m doing so much better than all those other people eating processed junk food all the time."  If you've shared a pregnancy malady with me, I've probably passed some self-righteous judgment, and I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

I'm learning that when I read about a particular issue, I shouldn't automatically assume I'm immune. I should commit my entire body, mind, and soul to my Savior, who is the Author and Creator of life. He's the one that calls the shots.

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