Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 34: Bragging on Alex again

I know I've bragged about him before, but I really do have an awesome husband! Prime example:

Yesterday was rough. I'd eaten too much sugar over the weekend, and I felt tired and sick ALL DAY! Every task felt like it took twice the effort to complete, and I felt emotionally depleted. I kept telling myself not to have a pity party. God has blessed us so much, and I've had such a good pregnancy experience. Still, I felt apprehension about going through labor, breastfeeding, having what we need, and being a mom. I also just felt huge.

Later that evening, I fell apart. I was sitting on the floor combing through my tangled hair, and started crying. Alex stopped what he was doing, lay with me on the floor, and held me while I sobbed. He finished combing my hair for me. He told me everything was going to be okay, and not to worry. He reassured me that I am doing great carrying our child, and that I'll be a great mom. He told me I am beautiful. He helped me up, and told me that he'd take care of everything so we could go to sleep. I'd washed our sheets earlier that day, and he made the bed and tucked me in. He got me a snack, and we cuddled and watched Netflix.

This morning, I feel 100% better! I feel relaxed, more energetic, and happy. I have the day to do things at a leisurely pace, and we're going to work on the side room/baby room this evening.

I thank God often for such a wonderful, loving husband. He cares for me, even in my emotional and physical mess. I'm sure I'll brag on him again soon.

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