Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 36: Adorable baby shower!!(different from yesterday)

Today we were Nashville bound! My wonderful friend Bethany threw me a baby shower with many of my Nashville family and friends. I am impressed-this girl had a baby of her own this past June, works a full time job, does photography part time, and still planned a baby shower for me! We got so many cute things, and a bunch of books! I'm looking forward to reading to Adara, and instilling the love to read early on. We also got a sleeper/rocker, so now baby has a place to sleep when we bring her home! Thanks so much to everyone who came and supported us!

Thanks Bethany for taking this photo!
One of the ladies who came is a long time family friend of ours, and is also a nurse part time at the same hospital where I am giving birth! She works on the labor and delivery floor, so I'm praying-and y'all can join with me-that she'll be working the same time as when Adara comes into this world! It would be such a relief to have the nurse working with me be someone I've known and trusted my whole life. We exchanged numbers, so I'm going to text her when I'm heading to the hospital. God works in amazing ways, and I hope that this is one things that works according to His timing!

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