Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 32: Prepared to feed baby

I went shopping at the lactation boutique at the hospital today! The lady, Angela Lee, is a lactation consultant, and owner of the shop. She is one of the lactation consultants for the hospital, but she also does in-home lactation consultations, and private childbirth classes. Her email is:, if anyone would like more information for her. She was super nice, extremely helpful, and didn't pressure me to buy anything. I only have a couple things left to pick up (somewhere other than the boutique), and I'm all set! I got a pump, extra bottle, cleaning wipes for pump, storage bags, cream, nursing pillow, and multiple kinds of nursing bras/tanks. Not cheap, but a big relief knowing that I will be well-equipped for this task. I'm taking a breastfeeding class in early November, and I'm sure that will also help me feel more prepared. Another big section to cross off my list of items needed!

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