Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 46: Too many store trips

I don't mind last minute runs to the store, but since Monday I will have gone to Hobby Lobby, Walmart, a mall, the bank, Walmart, another mall, Walmart, Aldi, someone's house to pick up eggs, and then Aldi again.Not all of those trips were just for me (some were hanging with friends), but most of them were. We ran out of water yesterday, so I got refills yesterday, and finished what I needed to get today-I probably could have planned that better. Although it seems silly to go to the store so many times, I realized I am so thankful that we live close enough to make last-minute runs as needed. We're close to stores, and Alex's work-which is also where I'll be giving birth. I'll go visit people out in the country, but I think I enjoy being close to so many places we frequent.

I also just thought about how these store runs won't be quite as easy once we have a tiny child. Hmm....maybe I should start planning my trips a little differently...

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