Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 39: Yesterday's ultrasound and doctor's appointment

Good news all around! First we had the ultrasound. The tech printed a couple of pictures, but it is the back/side of her head and part of her spine, since she was looking at my back. That's where she is supposed to be, so that's great! I'm just a little bummed that we didn't get to see her face. Oh well. Tech measured her and said she's approximately 5.3 pounds! She also confirmed that our baby is definitely a girl :)

Then I had a doctor's appointment. Doc looked at the ultrasound, and said everything looks great. Adara is in the 50% growth rate, so no worries about too big or too small. She also looked at my blood levels and announced that I "have gestational diabetes in name only." She said I definitely won't need medication, and that my levels are actually too low sometimes. We talked about good snacks and eating good protein/fat before I go to sleep, so that my fasting sugar level isn't too low in the morning. She still wants me to check my sugar levels, but only my fasting level and then one other time during the day! She told me this is what she expected my sugar levels to look like, and why she was surprised that I failed both tests. Doc said she'll still see me a little more often as the due date gets closer, but that she's not worried at all.

Praise God for good results! He had blessed us over and over and over again.

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