Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 27: Doctor's appointment progress report

Fun exciting things to tell you all!

Weight: 149 pounds. Doctor says I'm right where I should be now. Yay for eating lots of little meals!
Blood pressure good. Baby heartbeat good. She's moving around plenty. Doctor told me that my urine sample is the best she's ever seen, and should be an example to others because it's so clear. This made me laugh. Guess I'm just that good at drinking lots of water. She said I'm as good as I can be right now!
The doctor checked for Group B Strep, which wasn't nearly as bad as I'd anticipated. I'll get my results later.

She then checked me to see if/how I've progressed. She said the baby is head down, that I'm at 2 cm and 70% effaced! Now, I KNOW that doesn't mean that she's coming sooner rather than later, but my doctor did tell me to go ahead and have my bags packed, because she could come at any time.

I asked her about still checking my blood sugar. She said all my other indicators are looking great. I told her that I've been checking twice a day, and that they were fine. I said they are still a little low in the morning, but I just need to remember to eat before I go to sleep. She said that I'll have a non-stress test next week, and another ultrasound in two weeks just to make sure. She said these precautions are only taken because I failed the three hour test, but I'm doing great otherwise. Good to hear. Also, because she didn't say I needed to, I'm not going to be checking my blood sugar levels anymore. They've been consistent so far, so I know that I just need to keep eating well and at the right times throughout the day.

The appointment ended with the advisement to be prepared for labor symptoms, and to call/come in with concerns. I did some rescheduling at the front desk, and was on my way.

I spent the afternoon packing as much as I could. I think I have the essentials. I've looked at lists online and in my "What to Expect When You're Expecting" book, and have almost everything needed. Actually, we probably have everything we absolutely need, but there are a few things I'll probably throw in before we actually take the two-minute drive to the hospital. Now we're just waiting for her to come!